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The Bot That Does it All

T.B.T.D.A is a bot made to make your Discord experience even more enjoyable with its simplicity and wide range of useful commands!

Utility Commands

>clear, >join, >disconnect, >help, >prefix, >setprefix, >test, >feedback.

Mod/Admin Commands

>setup, >kick, >ban, >timeout, >endtimeout, >warn, >log, >toggle_swear. 

Fun Commands

>meme, >youtube, >hi, >rps, >flip, >roll6, >roll12, >weather, >easteregg, >8ball, >bye.

Currency Commands 

>bal, >addcoins, >removecoins, >daily, >work, >weekly, >rich, >shop, >addshopitem, >removeshopitem, >buy, >searchshop, >inv, >useitem, >shophistory, >clearinv, >clearshop.

Music Commands

>play, >pause, >resume, >shuffle, >loopsong, >loopoff, >setvolume, >stop, >playing, >clearqueue, >skip, >remove, >loopqueue, >volume.

Image Commands

>wanted, >avatar_trash, >avatar_tatoo, >stonks, >spank, >rip_avatar, >not_stonks, >presentation, >hitler_avatar, >avatar_facepalm, >slap, >avatar_ad, >invert_avatar, >make_greyscale, >trigger, >wont_affact_my_baby, >confused_stonks_avatar, >bobross_avatar, >bed_monster, >avatar_frame, >jail, >delete_trash.
We're constantly adding new commands!

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